1. Run to the fire – take action, don’t hide. If it’s something you’ve been putting off, do it. If you’ve done something wrong – apologise, seek forgiveness.
  2. Actively replace your worry thought with a positive thought, something you’re looking forward to.
  3. Do 20 minutes of exercise a day. As well as other benefits it will burn off the adrenalin and cortisol surging through your body.
  4. Smile – the muscles in your face tell your brain it’s happy and it releases serotonin. (Biting on a pencil replicates this.)
  5. Bring yourself back to the moment (when you are catastrophising or are anxious). Use a grounding technique – study a real object, read two or three words.
  6. Switch your mind back with a physical action. When thinking negatively or worrying intensely blink your eyes and say ‘no’ or ‘stop’; flick a rubber band on the wrist.
  7. Repeat positive actions for 60-80 days – it takes that long to form a new habit.
  8. Socialise, talk with people.
  9. Make a list for the next day at the end of the day and tell yourself you can forget these things now till the morning.
  10. Meditate for a few minutes every day – it works.
  11. Use the breathing technique daily to overcome the amygdala hijack.
  12. Strengthen positive neural pathways with the five senses programme – actively notice a sight, sound, smell, taste and touch five times a day, every day.

Download the poster of 12 Techniques to stop worrying and lift your mood from https://issuu.com/nzfarmlifemedia/docs/wellness_posterfinal?fr=sOTdlZDk5NTg Print it out and put it up in your tea room, share it on your farm app and chat about it with your staff.