Close to the cow

With the change of season, look at upgrading your liners.

IF YOU UPGRADE NOTHING else this season – you should really look at upgrading your liners.

For a fast, cost-effective productivity boost, the first thing to look at is the place where all your milking technology comes in contact with the cow, the liner. And if you haven’t changed yours for a few years, now might be a great time to consider upgrading. After all, the pressure is on this season, escalating costs and the availability of good milkers means all dairy farmers need to find ways to make sure that every milking is faster and more productive.

The new generation of liners and clusters may well be a great place to start. Combining new designs, shapes, and lighter, more durable materials; the right liner and cluster combination can help you to get more out of every milking, while making it easier on your milkers, and on the cows.

An example of this is the Evanza™ cluster and liner combination from DeLaval. Not only does it replace the traditional liner with a new sealed cartridge, the cluster itself is also light and durable to make attachment faster and easier, but the most surprising aspect of the cluster and cartridge design is that changing liners is a simple twist and click, like a lightbulb, which means all four liners can be replaced in just seconds.

It might not be right for your farm, and it is only one example, but if you’re looking for a fast and cost-effective productivity boost on your farm, it may just pay to take a closer look at what’s out there.