Committed to New Zealand, committed to New Zealand farmers.
Season after season, brands like ECLIPSE®, EPRINEX®, MATRIX® and BIONIC® have been trusted on farm to deliver exceptional health and production outcomes. These products are so much a part of the farming landscape, that they have become household names in rural communities.

Global leader in animal health, supporting local NZ brands.
Boehringer Ingelheim Animal Health (BIAH) is the name behind these brands. We are a global leader in both companion animal and livestock products with many of our products made here in NZ. While BIAH enjoys a high profile, a little less is known about the investment BIAH makes in New Zealand agriculture. This investment comes in the form of continual development, testing, trialling, and manufacturing these trusted products right here in NZ, ensuring they’re fit-for-purpose. This results in farmers across NZ integrating BIAH products into their systems to deliver healthier livestock and higher production gains.

The people behind the brands trusted by farmers.
Ensuring farmers get the most out of the BIAH range of products is a team of committed professionals with years of technical experience and expertise. The BIAH team works alongside vets to ensure farmers get the very best technical support. It’s this combination of trusted products and on-farm support that ensures kiwi farmers maximise production season after season, year-in and year-out.

Here for the long haul.
BIAH is here to stay and assure farmers they are backing their products with the same vigour as before, to ensure farmers maintain healthier, more productive livestock and achieve their on-farm goals. BIAH is proud to play its part in backing NZ farmers to keep their position at the forefront of sustainable and productive agricultural practices on the world stage – for many more years to come.

ACVM No. A011687, A007191, A009270, A011151, A009390, A011825.

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