Data and insights farmers can afford

Available in ear tag and collar options, Tru-Test Active Tag delivers improved farm efficiency and maximises labour savings, reducing stress for you and your cows.

Powered by Datamars Livestock Software, the Tru-Test Active Tag monitors animal behaviour 24/7, giving key insights to save time, reduce stress, and improve the herd.

Tru-Test’s industry-leading machine-learning algorithm monitors individual animal activities and compares them to the group. This allows quick and accurate identification when an animal changes behaviour and if it is due to heat, a health event, or a group change. A new feature, helps take the guesswork out of changes in farm management. Group Activity uses cow behaviour and Datamars Livestock intel to give even more insight on your farm. With Group Activity, you can:

Understand group behaviour with Tru-Test’s comprehensive activity view.

Monitor how changes in management are impacting group behaviour, such as rumination, over time.

Identify any animals under or over performing within a group.

Compare animal activities to those of the group to better understand when an animal changes behaviour.

If you have been wanting to invest in collar technology but are not sure how to manage the costs, Tru-Test may have the flexibility you need, with payment options available. Right now, the first 12 months’ monitoring is on TruTest – terms and conditions apply.

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