Episode 10 – Is maize the answer to growing more feed on farm?

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Maize is pretty amazing for dairy farmers with both environmental and animal feed benefits that align with Fonterra’s Co-Operative difference which meets their global market demand for 80% home-grown feed.

Hear about Nestle’s recent presentation at a FAR maize field day, how maize is expanding into Southland with short maturing hybrids and how a Waikato dairy farmer is hitting $9,000/ha operating profit regardless of the payout.

Guests include:

  1. Alison Stewart, CEO, Foundation for Arable Research
  2. Wade Bell, Farm Systems Manager, Waikato, Genetic Technologies (Pioneer) 
  3. Rex Butterworth, Waikato Dairy Farmer.


  1. Sheryl Haitana, Editor, Dairy Exporter
  2. Anne Lee, Deputy Editor, Dairy Exporter
  3. Sarah Perriam-Lampp, Managing Director, CountryWide Media

Dairy farmers are paying a levy to FAR for your maize seed and they do a lot of maize research, biosecurity and field events that you can attend too! 

Alison Stewart, CEO at Foundation for Arable Research recently hosted Nestle at their maize field day and has interesting insights on how quickly NZ dairy farmers need to adopt global market demands. 

Pioneer’s Farm systems specialist in the Waikato, Wade Bell, talks about the current maize grain market, the popularity of short-maturing hybrids, the value of stored feed and how maize can meet our global customers’ demands for low emissions milk.

And the episode finishes with Sheryl learning how a highly stocked Waikato dairy farmer, Rex Butterworth, grows and feeds maize with herd homes to achieve a above industry per hectare operating profit whilst still meeting his environmental obligations. 

Read how Rex & Sharon Butterworth run a system that remains profitable regardless of the payout as they make the most of their home-grown feed in the story On Farm feed helps offset costs in the Dairy Exporter Autumn 2024.



– Bay of Plenty Event: Wednesday, 1 May 2024 hosted by Jordyn Crouch & Isaac Algar in Atiamuri.

– Southland Event: Wednesday, 8 May 2024 hosted by Sam & Jenna Hodsell in Taramoa.

View the programme and register: https://www.pasturesummit.co.nz/ 



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