Episode 4 – Reducing emissions without reducing profitability

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The 30% emission reduction by 2030 target was set by Fonterra in November 2023 and the dairy co-op is counting on its 9000 farmers to cut methane with 7% of that total coming from farming more efficiently. So can it be done?

Guests include:

  1. Jason Rolfe, GM of Operations, Dairy Taranaki Trust
  2. Graham Kerr, Commercial Manager, Barenbrug
  3. Pete Morgan, dairy farmer, Te Awamutu 


  1. Sheryl Haitana, Editor, Dairy Exporter
  2. Anne Lee, Deputy Editor, Dairy Exporter
  3. Sarah Perriam-Lampp, Managing Director, CountryWide Media

Editor of Dairy Exporter, Sheryl Haitana along with her co-host Anne Lee, Deputy Editor, discuss how to do this with two farmers who are on the trajectory of achieving this level of reduction in emissions without impacting profitability.

The episode kicks off with Jason Rolfe explaining the last three years of the Step Change trial at Dairy Trust Taranaki (DTT) Gibson farm at Whareroa with final reporting showing the programme was able to achieve 2030 emissions reduction targets each season with varying impacts on profit and GHG emissions. 

Read more (including the tables/graphs from the trial)   “Going green while staying in the black”  (Free)

Barenbrug’s commercial manager explains the importance of advice going into Autumn pasture planning to ensure if you are trying to save money on pasture renewal that it’s well considered.

For more information, visit  Barenbrug’s Knowledge Hub

Pete Morgan believes that the second mouse gets the cheese and how to be a fast follower to set your farming business up for the 20230 targets which they have been moving their system towards as outlined in a recent AgFirst analysis.

Want to find out how Pete & Anne Morgan have worked on the overall efficiency of their business and therefore their emissions reduction whilst maintaining profitability? 

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When it comes to autumn pasture planning, it’s crucial to consider current factors like climate and economic uncertainty. 

In the first of Barenbrug’s “Better pasture together” podcast series Commercial Manager Graham Kerr offers practical tips and emphasises the importance of covering key bases for a successful outcome. 


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