Episode 5 – How to support & navigate dairy farming as a woman

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Have you heard of the “motherhood penalty” – well it applies to women working on farms as well as corporate careers. It’s pretty obvious that women have a different experience  navigating a farming career with everything from taking time off for motherhood to how to build and assert confidence in areas that you are still learning. 

If you are a man or woman hiring female employees, there is so much great advice and ideas in here to take away.

Guests include:

  1. Bernadette Kelly, General Manager People, Safety and Engagement for Pāmu (Landcorp Farming)
  2. Emma Poole, 2023 NZ Young Farmer of the Year Winner, dairy farmer & vet
  3. Erynne Fields, Devon Dairies


  1. Sheryl Haitana, Editor, Dairy Exporter
  2. Anne Lee, Deputy Editor, Dairy Exporter

Editor of Dairy Exporter, Sheryl Haitana along with her co-host Anne Lee, Deputy Editor, discuss the rewards these employers are having by nurturing women working on farms.

The episode kicks off with Bernadette Kelly explaining how Pāmu (Landcorp Farming) have developed female-friendly employee policies that support women through life changes such as motherhood so they don’t have to suffer the “motherhood penalty”.

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She was described as breaking through the ‘grass ceiling’ when she achieved the title of the first woman to win a NZ Young Farmer of the Year competition in over 55 years. Sheryl Haitana speaks to dairy farmer, vet and winner of the 2023 award, Emma Poole on how she does it all.

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Erynne Field’s journey to dairy farming is a non-tradition one with her entrepreneurial parents having established a transport empire in Darwin before creating the successful Devon Dairies in Lake Hawea. She describes to Anne Lee the steep learning curve she was on and how she surrounded herself with women who had technical knowledge in each area to learn leading to them creating a gold-standard calf rearing facility.

Erynne was our cover story in the Dairy Exporter Autumn 2024.

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