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Our publications

We’re the proud publishers of two subscription based farming magazines, Country-Wide and New Zealand Dairy Exporter, in print and online.

Our mission is to deliver value to readers and advertisers. Our content is focused behind the farm gate where we aim to provide farm owners and staff with the best information to help them produce higher, more sustainable profits.
We offer a depth of reporting that is unrivalled. Our focus is on reducing the risks that farm owners and staff face in delivering the results they want from their toil and investment.

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NZ Dairy Exporter

New Zealand Dairy Exporter has a proud history, beginning in 1925. Now independently published by NZ Farm Life Media, NZ Dairy Exporter is packed with high quality content from a range of trusted sources including our award winning journalists, industry consultants and analysts. Our tagline for the magazine says it all – Learn, Grow, Excel. NZ Dairy Exporter is the country’s premier dairy farm management magazine.

Every month our writers cover the latest issues, science, research and technology applied inside the farm gate and developments that have a positive impact on dairying’s profits. With sections like Milking Platform – columns of farmers at different stages of their career journey talking about things happening on their farm and in their part of the industry. Plus Young Country stories about young people building careers and businesses in the industry.


Country-Wide has been published for more than 40 years and is highly regarded by its readers. Country-Wide is New Zealand’s only dedicated pastoral and arable farming magazine, available on subscription. It is a trusted farm management publication, delivering content on red meat, wool and arable farming topics. Each issue gives you independent, credible and often exclusive information to help run your farm business better. Country-Wide uses expert writers to drill down into the how and why in its stories. Our writers are experienced, award-winning agricultural journalists. They are also farmers, farm consultants and agricultural science graduates – writers who know farming.

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