Terragen is an innovative agricultural biologicals company that creates biological products proven to accelerate calf growth, increase cow feed conversion efficiency and milk production, and improve soil biology.

Terragen’s story began with world class scientists looking for individual microbial strains that could benefit the agricultural sector. Thousands of strains of probiotics are available, but they don’t all deliver the same benefit.

Terragen’s team used its expertise in genome sequencing and bioinformatics to identify and determine which strains work best and how they work together to create a bigger impact.

These strains form the basis of Mylo®/calf and Mylo®/cow – live liquid, direct-fed microbial supplements made with AmpliBoost™ technology – and Great Land Plus®, a live liquid soil conditioner made with AmpliStim™ technology.

Independent research by the University of Queensland School of Veterinary Science found calves supplemented with Mylo® were 8.4% (5.8kg) heavier at weaning, had more uniform weaning weights, and had heavier, better developed, gastrointestinal tract organs compared with calves not fed the supplement.

Research by Agriculture Victoria Research’s Ellinbank SmartFarm has revealed Mylo® helps reduce methane emissions. Methane intensity in the control group was 7.5% higher than in the Mylo® group and methane production in the control group was 4.4% higher than in the Mylo® group.

Not only did it reduce methane, cows that received the baseline dose of 10ml of Mylo® a day gained 21% more weight than the control group. On average the cows on the Mylo® diet ate less feed but produced more milk, which means the feed conversion efficiency of the cows fed Mylo® was higher.

Terragen products are available with major rural retailers and selected vets/agents.

More? See terragen.co.nz/results