Episode 8 – How bringing all your farm data to the table has better outcomes

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While it’s hard to control the uncontrollable facing your farming future, there is a lot to learn about how the best performing New Zealand dairy farmers are using technology to realise better outcomes to stay financially viable through to their long-term licence to farm. 

From our premium international customer demands through to your access to capital quickly, everyone is wanting a window into the housekeeping of your operational & financial data. This episode covers the benefits such as on-farm efficiency, cost reductions, better interest rates, reduction of GHGs and therefore continued access to markets.

Guests include:

  1. Sarah Dobson, Executive General Manager Strategic Partnerships, Figured
  2. Scott Townshend, Chief Executive, Trev
  3. Dr. Todd White, Head of Product, Farmax 


  1. Sheryl Haitana, Editor, Dairy Exporter
  2. Anne Lee, Deputy Editor, Dairy Exporter
  3. Sarah Perriam-Lampp, Managing Director, CountryWide Media

The role of the accountants and farm advisors is rapidly changing to better support farmers when farm recording, reporting and forecasting tools are used.

Sarah Dobson, Executive General Manager Strategic Partnerships, Figured explains how the farm financial software that works with over 50% of New Zealand farmers is supporting dairy farmers to be in a better position to capture opportunities.

Read the story ‘Facing the Squeeze’ in the Dairy Exporter November/December 2023

Rather than it being just about cutting out cost from the farm system, are you optimising your farming operation that leads to better performance behind and beyond the farm gate? 

Scott Townshend, chief executive from Trev, explains how most farmers set the goal and plan for the year then do an autopsy of what happened at the end of the season to re-plan for the next season, but Trev farmers can simply be nimble on decisions as they go. He discusses how Trev is working with a group of Fonterra farmers who are able to pass the data of their positive incremental changes to the milk co-operative’s most discerning consumers who want to hit their net zero targets.

Not all farmers are the same – debt levels, attitudes toward technology, size of farm, number of staff and stage of career. Similarly, not all farms are the same – they differ in climate, soils, altitude, aspect and topography. Dr. Todd White, Head of Product at FarmIQ & Farmax says farm modelling technology does not replace the need for good stock management, but it does help inform farmers and consultants by identifying potential production, financial and environmental outcomes of the decisions they implement.

Read the story ‘Data Driving Decisions’ in the Dairy Exporter November/December 2023



What you measure you can manage right?

But how do you know if you have the right farm management tool to guide you and your farm team towards recording and reporting success? 

Listen back to February 2024’s In Residence featuring:

Russell McKay – Farm IQ

Paul Ruddenklau – Resolution

Annie Cates – Farm Focus

Scott Townshend – Trev 

Hear from our four farm management softwares on a panel over lunch and ask your questions as they explain how they are different and the best option for you.





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