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Leptospirosis (lepto) is a zoonotic disease caused by bacteria that is spread from animal to human, most commonly via direct or indirect exposure to the urine of infected livestock.

With significant health implications for those working closely with infected dairy cows, symptoms in humans can cause debilitating disease, in some cases requiring hospitalisation. 

In recent years, cases of lepto have been seen in farmers and staff working on vaccinated dairy farms. A newly discovered strain of lepto, named Pacifica has now further increased the risk. Recent research suggests that Pacifica could be present in up to three quarters of dairy herds throughout New Zealand.

Lepto 4-Way™ is a new vaccine for cattle, developed to provide protection against the emergence of Pacifica as well as the Hardjo, Pomona and Copenhageni strains previously covered by existing vaccines.


Ask your vet for Lepto 4-Way™, the most advanced protection for your family and farm.

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