In this new podcast series host Sheryl Haitana, deputy editor of NZ Dairy Exporter, speaks with CRV Ambreed as they discuss all things herd improvement. Listen and learn about the latest developments and practical tips for improving the health and efficiency of your herd.


Episode 1: Let’s talk animal evaluation 


Sheryl talks to CRV’s Jon Lee and NZAEL’s Brian Wickham about the new genetic evaluation system for dairy cattle and what the changes mean for farmers.

For more information, check out Sheryl’s article in the latest issue of the NZ Dairy Exporter.

Episode 2: Herd solutions catalogue


Sheryl Haitana talks to CRV’s Jon Lee and Peter van Elzakker about CRV’s latest bull portfolio, the standout sires for the coming season, and industry trends that have influenced CRV’s breeding offer to farmers.

For more information, check out the catalogue online.


Episode 3: Making good decisions with



CRV Ambreed will be launching its new herd recording and management tool myHERD in June this year.
Sheryl Haitana talks with CRV IT manager Andrew Singers and the company’s herd testing manager Mark Redgate about the new tool and how herd testing data will be incorporated.
She is also joined by Waikato dairy farmer Marty Vickers who has been part of the farmer group testing myHERD.