New Zealand dairy farmers have led the way with efficiency gains across the farming system for decades. One area that has taken more time is in the world of fertiliser application. For a long time, solid fertiliser application was the only way to apply nutrients to grow more grass.

Today farmers are faced with numerous pressure points to change the way they look at fertiliser application leading to many looking at the foliar and fine particle methods as ways of reducing inputs and saving money.

Increased cost of staple fertilisers such as urea has led many to want to save money on fert, and environmental regulations have meant farmers have had to find a way to reduce inputs whether they like it or not.

Urea is a soluble fertiliser that is easily dissolved in a matter of minutes with the right equipment. Better still, application of urea as a liquid enables farmers to reduce the input of this nutrient immediately by up to 50% yet grow at least the same amount of grass, sometimes increasing drymatter growth.

Not only is nitrogen application as a liquid a huge benefit to the farming system, machines such as the Tow and Fert enable farmers to use Ultra Fine Particle (UFP) Products in the tank at the same time as applying liquid ‘N’. It means farmers can apply multiple products at the same time, apply specific brews for each season and each paddock’s needs, and still reduce their capital fert requirements by an additional 30%.

Tow and Fert have pioneered this method of fertiliser application making the range of Tow and Fert one of the most versatile machines on the farm. Once underway with a Tow and Fert you will likely find that you only use your tractor more often.

Realising the gains that can be made onfarm in the nutrient application space has many positive benefits for farmers across the farm.

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