By Rebekka Burrows

CopRice has been delivering nutritional solutions that drive the productivity, profitability and long-term success of pasture-based dairy production systems for more than 30 years.
The company’s tailored programmes are designed to meet the exact nutritional requirements of cows throughout the lactation based on available feed resources and feeding objectives.
Ricegrowers Limited’s TopCow, CopRice and Longacre pellets are formulated to optimise the health, production and fertility of dairy cows at different stages of the lactation and throughout the season.
TopCow Springer is scientifically formulated to aid in reducing the number of days cows experience a negative energy balance, thereby reducing total body condition losses and the incidence of metabolic disorders.
It delivers high levels of fermentable carbohydrates and essential amino acids to support feed intake at a time when the cow’s appetite is naturally suppressed.
These nutrients allow the microbial population in the rumen to adapt to the milking ration and supports blood glucose production at a time when requirements increase dramatically.
TopCow Dairy pellets are formulated to optimise milksolids production across the entire lactation when fed in conjunction with quality pastures. CopRice Dairy pellets have been formulated to provide nutritionally balanced, cost-effective rations to support lactation.
They supply various levels of carbohydrates and metabolisable protein to help balance the total ration relative to cow requirements during the lactation and seasonal conditions. Longacre Dairy pellets are all-purpose ration options suitable for balancing seasonal variations in pasture quality and availability. Book an obligation-free onfarm consultation and find out how CopRice can help to deliver a nutrition program that really stacks up.

  • Rebbecca Burrows is CopRice NZ Team Lead Manager.