Episode 11 – Be proactive with your calf rearing

In Podcasts2 MinutesMarch 29, 2024

Spring calf rearing will whip round in no time! Listen to four experts full of advice from shed preparation, getting enough colostrum and weaning on a rising plane. 

Our guests share their experience and research to ensure your calves receive the right antibodies, milk allowance and hygiene for the best start in life that will return dividends in the years to come.

Guests include:

  1. Karen Fraser and Stacey Cosnett from The Calf Experts
  2. Philip Spies, Sales Manager – NZ, MaxCare
  3. Emma Cuttance, Managing Director of EpiVets Ltd


  1. Sheryl Haitana, Editor, Dairy Exporter
  2. Anne Lee, Deputy Editor, Dairy Exporter
  3. Sarah Perriam-Lampp, Managing Director, CountryWide Media

Karen Fraser and Stacey Cosnett from The Calf Experts explain to Anne Lee that now (Autumn) is the ideal time to review your calf rearing system – noting what works well and what needs improving. 

Read about their article “A Calf Rearing Masterclass” about the rewards of good preparation out now in the Dairy Exporter Winter 2024 magazine or click here to read online.

MaxCare’s Philip Spies shares with Sarah the importance of ensuring we wean our calves on a rising plane and that you are on the right calf milk replacer for the right situation.

Check out MaxCare’s helpful free mobile app with tips & videos to support you and your team for your calf rearing season ahead. 

And the episode finishes with Sheryl learning about some interesting research from Emma Cuttance of EpiVets about the importance of passive transfer of antibodies from the colostrum as cows are the only mammal that don’t pass this on from cow to calf in the placenta!  

Read Emma’s PhD here online on the relationships between failure of passive transfer and subsequent mortality, body weights and lactation performance in 12-36 month old heifers.