When it comes to maize inoculants not all products are created equal so using a quality Pioneer inoculant this season will ensure you get the best out of your silage. With most of the hard work done in terms of growing and harvesting maize, it makes sense to invest in a high-quality inoculant to complete the silage-making process.

Pioneer inoculants provide large numbers of the most efficient bacteria strains, these outcompete the naturally occurring bacteria and dominate the fermentation reducing losses and maximising silage quality.

It can be difficult to separate good inoculants from those that aren’t as product labels typically list just the basic genus and species information, such as Lactobacillus Plantarum. There is an enormous difference between L.plantarum strains and their effectiveness to convert plant sugars into acid so it is important to know that the strain you are applying will deliver a desired outcome over and above an untreated control.

The strains in Pioneer inoculants have gone through years of testing and are patented so you know they will deliver a difference. Pioneer have been developing silage inoculants since 1978 and were the first to commercialise an inoculant containing L.buchneri in 2000. It is that bacterial strain that ensures silage stacks remain cooler for longer and reduce the growth of yeasts and moulds.

Using an inoculant is an investment so be sure to ask for information on both fermentation and aerobic stability as well as animal performance data. Don’t just rely on overseas data as our growing environment and ambient temperatures and humidity is different from other countries so you need to be sure the inoculant you purchase will work in NZ conditions.

To find the best Pioneer inoculant for your scenario visit the Pioneer website: pioneer.co.nz or speak to your local area manager.