Going under 190 units N/ha is achievable with the new Tow and Fert Multi 500.

According to the company, its customers across New Zealand are reducing nitrogen use and already meeting the restrictions due to come in on 1 July 2021. Many farmers have noted they are growing more grass. Foliar application of fertiliser, especially nitrogen, is proven to reduce inputs, increase fertiliser efficiency and reduce leaching and runoff.

The Tow and Fert Multi 500 is the latest addition to the company’s fleet and brings the Tow and Fert System within reach of farmers.

Designed for smaller farms, those wanting to trial the system or requiring a second machine, the Multi 500 brings all the technology of its larger fleet in an easy to use package.

The offering features:

  • A sturdy 500 litre tank.
  • 3-4 hectare coverage in 20 to 25 minutes.
  • Dissolve 200kgs of urea/DAP or keep 350kgs of lime in suspension.
  • Mix and apply mag oxide days in advance of grazing.
  • Tow behind an ATV.
  • Made in NZ with the Metalform quality guarantee.
  • Two inch Metalform stainless steel pump.
  • Apply thistle spray at the same time as your urea.
  • Follow right behind the cows as they head up the race for milking.

Perfect for towing behind an ATV or side-by-side, the Multi 500 is the machine to get farmers started on a more sustainable level of inputs on their farm.