Seaweed salt blocks are manufactured using New Zealand fine grade sea salt, a unique blend of Ecklonia radiata seaweed and a batch-brewed Animal Health Tonic. Together this blend of natural products provides livestock with a valuable source of essential elements, vitamins, minerals and amino acids in addition to toxin neutralisation to boost overall Animal Health.

Ecklonia Radiata, has a range of minerals and trace elements that are vital for animal health including zinc, iodine, cobalt, copper and sodium. Agrisea Animal + is a powered combination of Animal Nutrition and Zeolite (a recognised toxin binder). Agrisea Animal + is an excellent way of providing trace elements that is palatable, easily assimilated and absorbable. The probiotic effect of Animal + provides good stimulation for rumen/gut development and the supply of essential vitamins.

Animals have sought salt since the beginning of time, gathering at salt licks to satisfy their need for salt. Many NZ soils and pastures are naturally low in available sodium. Sodium deficiencies are manifested as abnormal licking or chewing of wood, soil and sweat of other animals and may be accompanied by a decline in growth rates and/or milk production. Common Salt (sodium chloride) is an essential constituent of animal diet.

Other benefits of Seaweed Salt Blocks include:

  • Convenient and cost effective for year round use.
  • Source of essential trace elements.
  • Fine natural sea salt
  • Probiotic effect of animal nutrition stimulates good gut health.
  • Toxin binding capacity from incorporated Animal+.
  • Salt addition helps optimize production.
  • Easy to stack, handle and dispense.