Slow and steady wins the effluent race

Wangen pumps have some design advantages over others in the market that extend their useful life.

The Wangen positive displacement pump runs slower and works harder to get rid of effluent.

Prime Pump’s hard-wearing, German-engineered Wangen positive displacement pumps are making a difference on dairy farms around New Zealand. Effluent management has been in the spotlight and Wangen are helping maximise efficient transfer and minimise environmental impact.
Slow-running, the pumps achieve or exceed the performance of others while reducing cost of ownership and disruptions caused by the need for maintenance or even replacement.
Wangen pumps have some design advantages over others in the market that extend their useful life. According to the manufacturer, this can be up to 30 years for some customers.
One of the keys to the Wangen pumps’ performance is the Cardan joint. This universal joint-like system is superior to the conventional pin joint. The pin joint wears, often rapidly, resulting in characteristic sloppiness and the need for regular replacement. In contrast, the Cardan joint operates smoothly and seamlessly, lasting the lifetime of the pump and avoiding issues related to fibres becoming wrapped around the shaft.
A one-piece cartridge mechanical seal, filled with oil, rather than a traditional two-piece seal, is also far easier and quicker to fit while the oil, again, prolongs the life of the mechanical seal.
An extra bearing housing between the gearbox and pump adds additional rigour to the structure and supports reliable performance.
The Prime Pump team say once an owner tries a Wangen pump they’ll never look back. That’s a view backed-up by experienced rural trade services businesses.
One owner says almost as soon as Prime Pump brought Wangen into NZ, he thought it was worth a look. It rewarded his confidence. In three years, he’s seen some fairly “catastrophic” failings with other pumps of the same age, but none with Wangen.
“They’re a really nice pump. Being
slower running is a real advantage. It’s quiet, performs very well and it’s logical that anything running slower will last longer.”