This is us

Penny Clark-Hall

Following the launch of the Primary Sector Council’s vision “Fit for a better world,” where ‘no whanau is left behind’. I have confidence that our future is bright thanks to a great why ‘Taiao’. It was very humbling to be invited to the launch and be asked to spread the word so here is my take on it.

A vision intended to unite us all. ‘Fit for a better world’ is the vision and Taiao (If the environment is well, so too are the people) the ‘why’. The Primary Sector Council’s mission is near complete as the Council, Prime Minister and Minister launched the vision to a lecture theatre full of industry influencers and heavies in December.

At its heart the vision is about ‘finding our way forward by forging an interconnected relationship with the environment based on respect.’ ‘No whanau left behind’ as Miriana Stephens of Wakatu Incorporation so aptly put it.

Marking the vision’s significance, Jacinda Ardern made a point of being there, while dealing with the tragedy of White Island.

“Don’t underestimate what we’re doing here – sustainability opens doors,” Jacinda said.

She spoke of actual doors that are open for trade negotiations due to our current leadership/commitments to reducing our emissions – reminding us of our vulnerability to global markets if we continue to work in silos and indulge our egos.

She also referenced trust as a key component of our future, which sits at the core of our Social Licence. This is where the vision comes in as it gives us a common goal to work towards, values to guide us and an identity to connect with. This will help the sector focus energy and resources consistently into something authentic that inspires confidence and builds trust with our consumers and stakeholders.

Ireland’s Origin Green sustainability programme has had great success and I think Taiao will take us a step further, because this is about more than how we produce it’s about our culture. Taiao is a pretty powerful word that not only gives a nod to our heritage but embraces a united future where we are bringing together our Maori heritage with our pioneering spirit. Two powerful cultural traits that when combined make for a unique story we can share with the world. This is us.

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