Hazards highlighted with drought forecast tool

A new drought forecasting tool will help farmers make timely decisions which could bring financial and emotional benefits. Elaine Fisher reports.

Data driving decisions

Science, data, modelling and software will be pivotal to meeting the challenges New Zealand faces in order to keep producing the best food in the world.

Facing the squeeze

Despite recent market recoveries, many farmers could benefit from more independent scrutiny of their plans, Phil Edmonds writes.

Saving peat with a barn

A barn housing 1000 Holstein Friesian cows won the 2023 Waikato Regional Supreme Award at the Ballance Farm Environment Awards, for its commitment to…

Keeping staff morale over calving

Happy, healthy calves have made for a happy Jess Lea, the calf-rearer.

A holistic approach to monitoring water quality

Checking the eDNA of water in the river crossing through their farm has had a positive impact, Penelope Drysdale writes.

Keep the finisher in mind

Dairy farmers wishing to phase out bobby calves will need to raise animals that will compete with other land uses. Sheryl Haitana reports.

Yes, Minister

Workaholic Richard Reynolds takes advice from his Minister of Enjoyment.

Breeding beef in the dairy

Pamu is now rearing more than 50% of its calves born on the dairy farms, with a target to get to 75% in the next three years, and 100% by 2030.

Purposeful lives for calves

Calving ease and the animal’s value through the chain to end market are major considerations in the drive to reduce bobby calf numbers for Waikato’s Owl Farm.…