Maxcare adds three new products to its calf feed range

In Brand Spotlight1 Minutes

Three new products have just been added to the MaxCare infant animal range, exclusively through PGG Wrightson stores.

MaxCare was established around a core business of milk replacers for infant animals, primarily calves reared in dairy systems.  

MaxCare NZ sales manager Philip Spies says MaxCare had worked closely with its technical supply partners across Australia, North America and Europe to develop the new product range.

  1. MaxCare Electrolyte PREMIUM is a scientifically formulated electrolyte with comprehensive hydration properties and buffering capacity.
  2. MaxCare Probiotic Paste PREMIUM is a supplement for calves, offering a scientifically formulated probiotic containing a source of viable, naturally occurring microorganisms to support gut health.
  3. MaxCare Whole Milk Additive PREMIUM is a comprehensive blend of vitamins, minerals, probiotics and in feed solutions to bolster the performance of animals fed with whole milk. 

These MaxCare products have been designed and sourced by the company’s growing technical support team who have worked to find the best possible products to suit the market requirements. 

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