What’s your why?

In Brand Spotlight1 Minutes

From people to animal health, management to mating, there are many reasons to consider Allflex® Collars as a monitoring solution for your herd.

During mating, why not make it easier to catch silent heats, non-cyclers and identify the precise moment you need to inseminate for optimal breeding?

What about animal health and the need to keep your herd healthy? Our smart technology will notify you of any issues early – before they cause major problems.

Why not remove the guesswork from management, monitoring your entire farm’s wellbeing while staying on top of rumination changes?

Or, why not focus on your people? Allflex monitoring solutions give your staff the right information at their fingertips, regardless of where they are.

So, no matter what your ‘why’ is, Allflex has the solution. Talk to one of our trusted Automation and Monitoring Specialists today.

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